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About Cooper & Adlys

Cooper & Adlys is a plumbing and heating company based in the Elmira, Ontario, Canada. Established in 2023, Cooper & Adlys are committed to providing top-quality, efficient, and reliable plumbing and heating services to Elmira, Guelph, Kitchener-Waterloo, Listowel, and the surrounding communities.


As a new business, Cooper & Adlys needed a way to establish their online presence, and provide a way for customers to contact them. They also needed a way to showcase their services, and provide a way for customers to request quotes. As a new small business, Cooper & Adlys needed a way to do all of this without breaking the bank.


The solution was to build a static website that would provide all of the requested features, while leveraging some newer technology to handle contact forms without a backend server. Broken Toaster’s team were up to the task and built out a static website, using the latest web technologies to help boost page speed and SEO.

In addition to the website, Broken Toaster also helped Cooper & Adlys with their branding, and provided copywriting and SEO services for the website.

The website was built using Astro, and boasts a perfect Lighthouse score.

cooperadlys lighthouse score


Mere weeks after launching their business, Cooper & Adlys have already seen a massive increase in their customer base, and have seen steady growth and engagement with their online presence.

Multiple customers have commented on the website and how professional it looks. We’ve also seen a steady increase in our customer base since launching the website.

-Adam Moore, Owner

Services provided by Broken Toaster:

Web DesignCustom web design, built to fit the Cooper & Adlys brand, while also embracing the modern web
Web DevelopmentWe built the website using the latest web technologies, including Astro, Tailwind CSS, and TypeScript
Web HostingWe provided Cooper & Adlys with a custom web hosting solution that wouldn’t break the bank
SEOWe adhered to best SEO practices, while also doing keyword research and implementing proper on-page SEO
CopywritingWe ensured that the website was filled with persuasive copy that would resonate with customers, while maintaining a professional and friendly tone
OptimizationWe optimized the website for peak performance, that would easly outshine the competition
Online EducationWe made sure that the Cooper & Adlys team understood why we made the decisions we did, and provided them with the resources they needed to manage their website

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